KYDRides is proud to support the Catch A Lift Fund Event on Veteran’s Day

Please consider donating to a wonderful organization which is helping post 9/11 vets regain their full lives through fitness….

KYDRides in the Feb 16th edition of the Ridgefield Press

Check out our piece in the Ridgefield Press. Great job by Tim Murphy!

KYDRides in the Sept-Oct Ridgefield Magazine

Check out KYDRides in the Shout-Out section of the Sep-Oct Ridgefield Magazine. Get prepared for those last minute rides this school year. Set up your trusted circles now and get those rides when you need them, from someone you know & trust from your own contacts. Know Your Driver!

College Students – drive for KYDRides!!

It’s that time of year. College students are coming home for the summer, and if they don’t have a job they would love to make some money. Let’s get them on KYDRides! They can offer to help drive for families they know. Responsible college students can drive kids they know to local committments. Kids get around safely and college kids make some money during break. Its a win-win. Keeps everyone safe and part of the community. #KYDRides

KYDRides animation!

Check out our new animation. It’s featured on our website, the App store and FaceBook.

KYDRides launches in 2016!!!

2016 has already been a big year for KYDRides. We have launched the service to friends and family. The latest and greatest version is now up and available on the Apple App store. Check it out!! KNOW YOUR DRIVER

Drivers love KYDRides too..

KYDRides not only helps parents get those important, trusted rides when they need them, we also help drivers get connected with parents that need their help. Every KYDRides user can also be a driver! Get rides when you need them, and provide rides when someone you know needs one too! The more parents and drivers that are in your Trusted Circles, the better the system works.

KYDRides sets the new standard!! Empowering parents to get their kids the safest rides….

The new ride share culture has created enormous opportunity for our kids to have freedom and mobility. As parents we always have to put our kids safety first, and the current ride share options all fall short. Why? Because traditional ride share services think that they can vet their drivers completely so that they can be entrusted with your child’s safety. As parents we know this just is not true. This is a responsibility that we cannot pass on to someone else. KYDRides lets you, the parent, be in control of who are potential drivers. You pick drivers from your own contacts. People you know and trust. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, anyone YOU decide is a responsible person. They get the privilege of being in your Trusted Circle and being a ride provider to the most important people in your life, your kids.